20 Things You May Not Know About Depression

Being a mom is hard work (obviously!). Being a mom with depression can seem impossible at times! However, having depression does NOT make someone a bad parent. It just means they have a few extra hurdles to get through every day. Here are 20 things you may not know about depression :

  1. Depression is so much more than just being sad.
  2. Depression affects many parts of your life.
  3. Depression is wanting to spend time with friends and family; but at the same time wanting to crawl under a rock and hide.
  4. Depression is lacking the energy and motivation to do simple things like getting out of bed and getting dressed.
  5. Depression is feeling empty on the inside.
  6. Depression is a giant hole in the ground with no ladder that seems impossible to get out of.
  7. Depression is eating food all day, then feeling guilty about it.
  8. Depression is feeling irritable and agitated.
  9. Depression is wanting to be invited to events, but also hoping that no one invites you; because then you would have to leave the house.
  10. Depression is the feeling of helplessness.
  11. Depression can make you feel like an observer to your own life.
  12. Depression can be frightening.
  13. Depression is making up excuses for being upset.
  14. Depression is feeling like a bother to people around you.
  15. Depression means that some days will be easier than others
  16. Depression is a real illness just like diabetes.


  1. Depression is NOT a matter of trying “hard enough”
  2. Depression does NOT mean that I am lazy
  3. Depression does NOT mean that I’m “crazy”
  4. Depression does NOT define me