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You Can’t Win at Everything – A Classic Mom Fail

Today I had a classic mom fail. Not unlike every other day, but today was a big one. My 4-year-old was super excited for his end of the year music program. He had been practicing his lines for weeks and honestly was probably most excited about the fact that he was going to be using a microphone.

I was slightly dreading the program because I was trying to navigate how I was going to keep a 1 year old quiet in his stroller for the duration of the performance. T-minus 30 minutes to the program, and I am running around my house trying to pack sippy cups, pacifiers and SNACKS! So many snacks! I figured if I pumped enough squeezy pouch applesauce into this kid, maybe we could make it through the performance.

In my classic disorganization and stress…I forgot to put the preschooler in a nice outfit. We show up to the program and the girls are wearing adorable dresses. They boys have combed hair and polo shirts. (One kid even had a bow tie). You know what my kid wore? Camo pants…. Yes…. camouflage pants. I was mortified! How could I forget to put him in a cute little outfit? I mean of course he still looked adorable, but he looked a little rough and tumble next to all the kids in their polo shirts and bow ties. That’s my kid!!

I suppose as a parent, you can’t win at everything. The baby behaved for the performance… so that was a mom win! The preschooler wore camouflage pants to his end of the year performance… so that was a mom fail! I suppose it wasn’t the end of the world. He was obviously adorable anyway, and the world kept spinning. As a parent you have to pick your battles, right?!!

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